FINON DESIGN is a homepage of the work introduction that "Masayuki Hasegawa" who is the university student who goes to the long-established art university (Department of Art at Nihon University) in Japan.

The work that centers on old Japan Japanese paper, a traditional technique, and the technique for combining state-of-the-art digital painting materials is produced.

Sales and the product project of the work out of Japan are welcomed.
The production of the work of the Japan style with which the logo design and the shop, etc. are decorated is received. Please contact me with mail in detail.

Typical Japan style painting 2010

Play equipment for children who can play while diving. 2008

→ In addition, it introduces the work. ( Gallery

Born in 1988 Saitama, JAPAN

中学生の時に、携帯電話のデザインに興味を持ったのをきっかけにデザイナーの道を目指す。2012年 日本大学芸術学部 デザイン学科ID専攻卒業後、2012年4月よりPC周辺機器メーカーにて勤務。
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Born in 1987 Chiba, JAPAN

2012年 日本大学芸術学部 デザイン学科ID専攻卒業後、ディスプレイ会社入社。主に店舗ディスプレイを手がけている。今後も、多くの人々に喜ばれるものを作り続けたい。

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The work that centers on the technique for combining analog painting materials with digital is chiefly produced. Graduated from Ninon University College of Art product design major.

It is taking an active part as a graphic designer and WEB designer.

It works from foreign countries, and the exhibition project recruitment is done.
Please contact me with E-mail or the letter.

532-0024 JAPAN. Osaka, Yodogawa-ku Jusohonmachi 3-4-15 UUR COURT1106

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This page is a translation of the Japanese version homepage. There might be an unnatural phrase in a part of English expression. Last update July 1, 2010

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